Sites We Like

These are sites that we think are in alignment with our brand, and also sites that we think are otherwise interesting and that our users might enjoy visiting for themselves.

  • CSS Tricks is a website that offers CSS tips and other useful web design/dev info.
  • WordPress is a popular website publishing platform, it powers this website.
  • Stack Overflow is an online community where you can likely get an answer to your specific programming question.

Want to get included as a site we like?

That’s great. Here’s what to do:

  1. Link to us from your website
  2. Send us a message via the contact form and include the URL of the page where you are linking to us.
  3. Also include in the message the URL you want us to link to. Feel free to suggest a page title and short description (20 words or less), however we reserve the right to edit the title and description.

We won’t include all the links sent in to us, as we are specifically looking for certain sites that we think would appeal to our user base. We are especially not looking for unrelated, ‘spammy’ links to include here that link to products/services which our visitors would not be interested in.

If we decide to include your website as a site we like, you can expect a response email within one week of contacting us.