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Enable Magento Template Path Hints


One of the things you quickly realize while developing a Magento site is that there are so many template files that it’s hard to remember which template file is controlling various elements on your website.

Luckily Magento includes a feature called ‘template path hints’. When you enable Magento template path hints, you are cues on the front of your site which break down every element on each page and tells you which template file is the source behind it.

How To Enable Magento Template Path Hints

You can enable this feature by going to your Magento admin > System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer.

Here’s The Trick To Remember

At this point, you need to change the ‘Current Configurable Scope’ to set it at the Website or Store level (ie it can’t be set to Default Config like it is normally). Once you change this, you will now a new option called ‘Template Path Hints’ has been added under the ‘Debug’ section on the page. Set this to yes and save config. You will now be able to see template path hints on the front end of your site so you will now which template files are actively controlling all the elements on the page that you see.

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