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Will Spacer be Gutenberg compatible?

Everyone is talking about the new content editor coming to WordPress, known as “Gutenberg”. Gutenberg will be included as the default visual editor within WordPress core, starting with WordPress version 5.0. I recently received a question asking if the Spacer plugin will be compatible with Gutenberg. I thought it would be a good idea to…

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New Panels update allows you to set custom CSS for your panels


Included with the latest update to Spacer Panels is the ability to to set custom CSS for your panels. If you update to the latest version 1.0.1 of the add-on (In your WP admin > Plugins > Spacer – Panels, click ‘update now’), you can start taking advantage of this new feature. The End Result Before we get started, here’s…

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How to download your plugin


Did you know that you can download your purchased plugins from the “My Account” section of this site? All you have to do is create an account using the same email that was used to make the purchase. Step 1: Open the My Account popup To create an account, start by clicking the “My Account”…

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How to install a spacer add-on


So you’ve just purchased your Spacer add-on, but what comes next? Read on to find out. Step 1. Download zip file When you complete your purchase, you should receive an email that contains a link to the add-on zip install file. Download this zip file. If you don’t receive the email, please contact me and I will…

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Including a spacer within a panel


Did you know that you can include spacers (or any other shortcode for that matter), within your Panels? All you have to do is insert the Spacer like normal within the panel content. This ability to mix and match your other shortcodes within your panels allows you to supercharge your panels and make them even…

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Available line styles for your Line-On-Sides Headers


If you are curious about the various types of line styles for you to use with your Line-On-Sides Headers, this post is for you. Note that you will have to be using the Line-On-Sides Headers add-on for Spacer in order to implement these options. Available Line Styles There are six available line styles to use for…

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