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How to download your plugin


Did you know that you can download your purchased plugins from the “My Account” section of this site? All you have to do is create an account using the same email that was used to make the purchase. Step 1: Open the My Account popup To create an account, start by clicking the “My Account”…

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How to access the user’s password data in your php code with Multipass


Included with the latest update to Hide My Site Multipass, you now have at your disposal a global $multipass object which allows you to access the users password data in your php code. Here is an example of how you can access the object within your php code:

Examples uses With the user’s password data available,…

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Unsplash = Awesome Hide My Site Background Images


Have you heard of I just came across this site recently and wanted to share with you because it’s great a resource to have at your disposal when it comes to choosing visually appealing background images for your Hide My Site login pages. Note that you have to be using Hide My Site premium in order to…

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