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New feature added to Multipass – Global Access Level

Included with the latest update to Hide My Site Multipass, there is now an added feature that allows you to set the “Global Access Level” (Settings > Hide My Site > General > Global Access Level). Note that this update only applies to those using Multipass version Professional and above, since those are the only versions with the capability to set “Access Levels”.

What does the “Global Access Level” do?

This Global Access Level will be the default access level for your entire site. If set to 0, your site will be open to the public in general. This value will also be used by default as the access level value when you create new pages and posts. However, you are still able to override the global setting on specific pages and posts. Existing pages and posts that have assigned higher access levels will continue to use those higher levels. For example, if the global access level is set to 0, and you set a specific page to access level 8, then only users with access level 8 or higher will be able to view that page. This is a useful feature for users who want their site to be open to the public for the most part, but still wish to block a subset of pages and posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this quick Multipass update. Hope you find it helpful. Please feel free to share in the comments how you end up implementing the Global Access Level on your site.

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