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Hide My Site notification message suggestions


When visitors come to your website and are greeted with a login page, what information do you want to convey to them? The answer likely depends on which type of visitor is coming to your site. Some will come to your site already knowing the password. They don’t need any additional information. Some will come…

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How to install a spacer add-on


So you’ve just purchased your Spacer add-on, but what comes next? Read on to find out. Step 1. Download zip file When you complete your purchase, you should receive an email that contains a link to the add-on zip install file. Download this zip file. If you don’t receive the email, please contact me and I will…

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Including a spacer within a panel


Did you know that you can include spacers (or any other shortcode for that matter), within your Panels? All you have to do is insert the Spacer like normal within the panel content. This ability to mix and match your other shortcodes within your panels allows you to supercharge your panels and make them even…

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Hide My Site background image positions explained


There are four different ways that you can apply your background images with Hide My Site, via the Background Image Position field. The four options are Proportional Stretch, Crop to Fit, Stretch and Repeat. Depending on which you choose, your background image will display differently. Note that you have to be using Hide My Site premium in order to edit your background…

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Available line styles for your Line-On-Sides Headers


If you are curious about the various types of line styles for you to use with your Line-On-Sides Headers, this post is for you. Note that you will have to be using the Line-On-Sides Headers add-on for Spacer in order to implement these options. Available Line Styles There are six available line styles to use for…

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Changing the text color for a Line-On-Sides Header


If you are looking to change the text color for your Line-On-Sides Header, then look no further. Note that you will have to be using the Line-On-Sides Headers add-on for Spacer in order to follow along with this tutorial. The End Result Before we jump in, let’s take a look at what our end goal is: How…

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How to use Line-On-Sides Headers: A step by step guide


In this post I am going to walk you through the process of creating and implementing Line-On-Sides Headers, step by step. Note that you will have to be using the Line-On-Sides Headers add-on for Spacer in order to follow along with this tutorial. Before we get started, let’s take a look at the end goal… Step 1: Create your…

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Block Images From Google


This short snippet will help you block images from Google, other search engines, and the general public. Your images will be able to be included on your website pages, however they won’t be accessible directly (ie via, for example), won’t be accessible by Google and other search engines, and won’t be accessible by any other…

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