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Unsplash = Awesome Hide My Site Background Images


Have you heard of I just came across this site recently and wanted to share with you because it’s great a resource to have at your disposal when it comes to choosing visually appealing background images for your Hide My Site login pages. Note that you have to be using Hide My Site premium in order to…

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How to use Hide My Site Multipass to increase your sales


Want to increase your sales? One potential use for Hide My Site Multipass is that it allows you to send prospective clients/customers unique login passwords. You can then use this to track which clients/customers log in down the line, so that you can later follow up with these ‘hotter’ leads. This post outlines this basic steps for…

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Recommended background picture size for your Hide My Site login page


The Question With Hide My Site Premium, you have the ability to set a custom background image for your login page. Many users have messaged me wanting to know what is the recommended picture size for the Hide My Site Custom Background Image? The Answer The truth is that there isn’t one size that works for everyone. I usually try…

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How to associate passwords with distinct purchases using Hide My Site Multipass


The Problem Recently I got a question from a user who wants to associate passwords with distinct purchases. The question asked was “Will I be able to track the ‘purchase’ to the password? My plan involves using passwords to associate sales with the salesperson, ie the password.” The Solution It turns out, this is fairly…

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How to restrict access to all category posts with Hide My Site Multipass


Did you know that with Hide My Site Multipass it is possible to block all posts within a given category? For example, you could create a blog category called “VIP”, and then make it so that only visitors using your VIP password would be able to see posts in this category. Whenever you create a new post and assign it…

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