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Sneak Peak: Hide My Site Redirect

Greetings Hide My Site Family,

I wanted you to be among the first to hear about the new Redirect add-on for Hide My Site that is currently being developed. I am hoping that it will be ready for release this week or by next week at the latest. There is much work left to be done so this post will have to be short.

This add-on provides the much requested ability to set a specific page to redirect users to after they have successfully logged in. This is good news if you are a general Hide My Site user, as you will now be able to send all your desired visitors to a designated Welcome Page.

However, the best thing about the upcoming Redirect add-on is that it integrates seamlessly with Multipass! Hide My Site Multipass users will be able to assign a different redirect URL for each password. This means that you can have one Welcome page which is designed specifically for users with password A, a different Welcome page for users with password B, and so on.

You can see a preview screenshot of the Redirect add-on via the screenshot below:


To be notified when the Redirect add-on is released, keep following this blog, or subscribe to the Hide My Site newsletter via the form below 🙂

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